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QuanZhou HengChao Technology Co., Ltd

Website: http://www.diyulove.com

E-mail: order@diyulove.com

Wechat: +86 13788827392

Whatsapp: +86 13788827392

Contact: Jacos Su

Tel: +86 13788827392
Address: No.501, Jiabao, Beiqing District, Fujian,China 362000

Distribution Partners:

QuanZhou HengChao Technology Co., Ltd.  is actively looking for distribution partners around the world. Boost your sales, and enhance your product line with a quality manufacturer that has been in the business for over 10 years. Heng Chao is flexible and has complete control of the manufacturing process, which allows us to partner with distributors and customize our products for your specific needs. We offer a fast response time, competitive price and  quickly solution to any problem. Learn more about the advantages of working with Heng Chao please contact us. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our inside and outside sales team.


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Contact: Jacos

Phone: +8613788827392

Tel: +8613788827392

Add: JiaBao, BeiQing District, Fujian Province, 361000